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What is “Bewildering”

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Bewildering is making provision for wildness in our lives by planting appropriate vegetation, removing rubbish, obstacles and weeds, and creating and enhancing habitat wherever we can thus facilitating the process of allowing other species to live with us in our backyards, suburbs, cities, industrial areas and rural areas and creating healthy surrounds for people.

Bewildering is a very deep human response to our relationship to our world especially our immediate environment that recognizes our place in it, our dependence upon it, and our responsibility to it. It is more than a charming term; it is a term for charming. It is not just such things as planting trees, greening, cuddling koalas and saving whales. As Bewilderers, we would enhance the place where we live to make it as healthy as possible for us and allow for as much wildlife as possible to share it with us.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre is working with Sutherland Shire Council to find ways for the community to “bewilder” their local areas and reconnect with nature.

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