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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

The term ‘electromagnetic radiation’ (EMR) is often used to refer to different types of electromagnetic signals.

The first is high frequency radiation, radiofrequency radiation or wireless radiation that is commonly used in communications technology.  It is emitted by cordless phones, mobile phones, phone towers/antennas, TV, FM and AM broadcast antennas, WIFI networks, microwave ovens, televisions and computers and many other sources.

The other is low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which are most commonly associated with the use of electricity.  They consist of an electric and a magnetic field and these fields are emitted by all power lines, wiring, electrical appliances and equipment, televisions, computers, microwave ovens and other appliances.

EMR has been found to interfere with scientific and medical equipment and with the human body.  It has been linked with harmful effects on the body and diseases such as childhood leukemia, brain tumours and Alzheimer’s disease.  As a result, many international authorities have urged precautions to reduce exposure.

Because EMR surrounds us at home, at work and in the environment, is an issue affecting every householder, business, every health professional and local government.

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