A bridge to safety

Human development, especially roads and freeways, can isolate wildlife and prevent them from moving from one area to another. This is especially detrimental in times of drought and bushfire. Sutherland Shire Environment Centre would like to invite you to join our campaign to ameliorate the effects of isolation of the Royal Reserves from the surrounding natural lands and improve wildlife movement between them.

The first things we would like to get going are:

  1. Conversion of Cawleys’ Road bridge to a multipurpose bridge allowing for wildlife and management services to move to and fro across it.
  2. Install rope ladder tunnels across the following roads in the area: Lawrence Hargraves Drive, Lady Wakehurst Drive, Sir Bertram Stevens Drive adn McKell Avenue, and identify other suitable sites for such installations
  3. Campaign for the construction of Wildlife Overpasses to be installed along the F6 Freeway as has been done in a number of places along the Pacific Hwy, e.g. south of Coffs Harbour, and Mona Vale Road

Campaigners Bob Crombie and Phil Smith at Cawley’s Bridge.

Excellent work has been done in the past by the Southern Branch of the NPA on conserving wildlife corridors servicing the Royal Reserves and we will be working closely with NPA to give our wildlife an even better chance of co-existing with humankind.

If you are interested in helping us with this campaign please contact Bob Crombie bobcrombie@hotmail.com

Mitigating impacts on Biodiversity in the Ingleside Locality by improving Fauna Connectivity

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