An Important Local Initiative: RNP Video

Many discussions within Sutherland Shire Environment Centre have led it to the conclusion that a worthwhile contribution to arousing public interest in global warming would be to produce a short but incisive VIDEO that would inspire public appreciation of nature and wild places.

With a focus on Royal National Park, the video will be 8-10 minutes long and build on work already done to promote the Royal Reserves as worthy of World Heritage Listing by UNESCO.

  • First, local film producer Peter Dowson, of Digital Storytellers, has be engaged to lead the project.
  • Second, he will establish two very active workshops.
  • Third, a Workshop for Stakeholders will summarise the Why and What of the video, who it is for, and the messages it must send.
  • Fourth, the Workshop for Participants, those who would contribute photos, films, interviews, relevant ideas, etc.

A widening process. All participants would be aware that they are helping to promote a GREAT WORLD FIRST, namely that Royal was the first in the world to be designated “for the purpose of a national park”, that it is the only substantial national park contained within an urban area (Sydney/Wollongong), and that it attracts more visitors – 4 million and rising – than any other site, such as Uluru or Barrier Reef.

Work will begin on August 18, and will probably include like-minded groups such as the National Parks Association.

If you think you might be interested in contributing to this project, either through your familiarity and knowledge of the park’s history, culture and biodiversity, or through your interest in photography, film-making or documentary skills, please contact us.​

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