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Discovering Royal National Park on Foot

Author : Alan Fairley
ISBN : 978-0-85881-180-5
Magnificent clean surf beaches, spectacular clifftop scenery, palm jungles, close encounters with native wildlife and easy accessibility from Sydney or Wollongong by train.
All this and more await walkers when they explore "The Royal", Australia's oldest National Park and Alan Fairley has given them, in this guide, a great way to start.
RRP AUD$12.95 + $1.50p&h, 80pp, pb

Overloading Australia, How government and media dither and deny on population.

Authors: Mark O'Connor and William Lines
ISBN: 978-0-85881-236-9
This is the book that put the skids under “big Australia” --- and starts the debate on what size we should grow to.
The press of numbers on this continent affects us all – those living, as well as those yet to be born. To talk of saving the environment or of climate change is meaningless if we won’t address population growth, and take on those who profit by it. In a score of punchy chapters, authors Mark O’Connor and William Lines challenge the myths, expose the facts, and dent the denial industry.
They blow the whistle on population-foolish policies that lead to clogged roads, water shortages, scarce food, and no place for refugees; then provide new and fair ways to think about the issues and to limit Australia’s future population-size.
RRP AUD$19.95 + $2.50p&h, 248pp, pb

Understanding the Scenery, Royal National Park and Heathcote National Park

Authors : Bob & Ann Young
ISBN : 9780858812109
Spectacular cliffs, deep forest-lined gorges, wide open plateaus with strangely-shaped rocks – these are the familiar features of Royal and Heathcote National Parks. This book from Ann and Bob Young explains how the wonderful scenery of the world's second-oldest national park has formed. Written for bushwalkers, environmentalists, and teachers, it shows how to read the Royal landscape. It is copiously illustrated in full colour, with maps and photographs.
RRP AUD$29.95 + $2.50p&h, 132pp, pb

The First National Park. A Natural for World Heritage

Author: Dr Geoff Mosley ISBN: 9780858812109 This is the book that tells WHY our (Royal) National Park should be granted World Heritage Listing by the United Nation’s UNESCO.
RRP $29.95, incl P&H

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