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Entries for the environmental Sustainability Award are now closed. Thanks to all those businesses who applied. We’re delighted to see the great work that you’re doing and it will be a challenge for us to choose a winner!

Here’s an opportunity to promote your business, become a leader in your field and help the planet at the same time. Sound worthwhile? Why not enter your business – or a business you support – for the new environmental Sustainability Award. The award is being sponsored by Sutherland Shire Environment Centre as part of the Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards. Don’t miss out – nominations close on Tuesday 26th June.

Download an entry form for the Sustainability Award now.

Is your business eco-savvy? Do you shop at eco-savvy businesses?

Eco-savvy business is environmentally-sustainable business – business that operates in ways that, at best, benefit the environment and, at least, do minimal harm to it.

Why do we need eco-savvy businesses?

  • This planet is the only one we have! It’s not in anyone’s best interest to put in place business practices or sell products that damage it.
  • Products and services that are healthy for the planet are healthy for consumers. There’s always a market for healthy products and services and that market is growing.
  • Eco-savvy businesses draw on products that are sustainable rather than those that are dwindling (coal and oil) and that will increase in price as they become scarcer.

Eco-savvy business is the direction of the future.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre is supporting and encouraging eco-savvy businesses by sponsoring the ‘Sustainability’ Award in the 2018 Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards. You can see more here.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager or customer, you can help foster the growth of eco-savvy businesses. Let’s work together to put the ECO into the ECOnomy.

Here are some ideas. You’ll see suppliers of environmentally-friendly packaging below.

Reduce waste

  • Choose packaging that can be easily recycled by customers (paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium).
  • Find alternatives to plastic bags (paper bags, reusable bags from recyclable materials, boxes).
  • Provide reusable crockery and cutlery in the kitchen, rather than single-use disposables.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Use cardboard stationery/folders/trays rather than plastic ones.
  • Use take-away cutlery made from bamboo rather than plastic.
  • Use paper straws rather than plastic ones.
  • Sell takeaway drinks in reusable cups or glass.
  • Don’t sell products packaged in foam.
  • Recycle your own waste.
  • Buy recycled products (eg paper).

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Hi, I’m Lyn McLean, one of the team behind the Eco-savvy Business Project.

I’ve been running a Shire-based business since 2003 and here are some of the steps I’ve put in place to help make my business more eco-savvy.

Reducing waste

  • Where possible, we choose products with no or minimal packaging.
  • We never use plastic bags when we purchase products for the business. (We take our own.)
  • We source unwanted packaging from local businesses.
  • We purchase carbon-neutral office paper & use both sides of the paper.
  • We take shredded paper to the local vet to use for pets’ bedding.
  • We recycle paper, cardboard and all plastics we are able to.
  • We recycle batteries at Aldi and printer toner at Officeworks.
  • We compost all food scraps.
  • For our new product range, we’ve chosen ‘plastic’ bags, made entirely from plant fibres (rather than petrochemicals), that are 100% compostable (details below).


  • We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products (bicarb soda for the bathroom; damp cloth for office furniture and Enviroclean floor cleaner).


  • In our new office, we installed large, north-facing windows which provide natural light and warmth in summer.
  • We chose environmentally-friendly paint.
  • We generate electricity from solar panels.

I am sure there are many more eco-savvy ideas that we can implement in the future and look forward to hearing your ideas about how we can join in making our businesses more environmentally sustainable.


We invite you to let us know about the eco-savvy activities of your business on our Facebook page.

Some suppliers of environmentally-friendly products and packaging

Here are some examples of manufacturers who provide environmentally-friendly packaging and cleaning products. We’re sure you’ll find more.



Download an entry form for the Sustainability Award now.

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