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“Dumbrell, Laurel (ed.)”,”Ink from the Bottlebrush, writings from Sutherland Shire”, 1987
“Hicks, J. Morris”, Healthy Eating Healthy World,2011
“Singer, Peter”,”The Most Good You Can Do, How effective altruism is changing ideas about living ethically”,2015
“Mosley, Geoff”, “The First National Park, A Natural for World Heritage, (also available for sale $25 incl p&h”, 2012
“O’Connor, Mark and Lines, William J.”,”Overloading Australia, How Governments and media dither and deny on population”,2008

Pope Francis, “Laudato Si, An encyclical letter on ecology and climate”,2015
“Salt, Daphne”, Kurnell: Birthplace of Modern Australia, 2000
“Stoddart, Eleanor”, “How do I know it’s an ant?, A book about animals”, 2002
“Unions NSW”, “2012-13 Directory & Industrial Relations Handbook”,2012

DVDs (available for loan)

“Port Hacking NSW, Past and present of an estuarine environment”,”Albani,A.D. and Cotis, G.”,2014
“Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”, Trailer, “approx. 91 mins”

PDFs (downladable)

[table]Title, Author, Year

preventing-violent-extremism-and-radicalisation-in-australia, Australian Govt, 2015

YouTube (downloadable)

Conservation through having smaller families, “Nola Stewart”, “1982 rev 2012”

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