No matter where in the shire you live, you won’t have far to look to see building, building and more building. Not only are single dwellings being built, but dual occupancies and high rise.

This growth has massive implications for our shire. It affects visual amenity, traffic, transport, air quality, tree canopy and the destruction of bush and wildlife habitat. Of particular concern is the destruction of bushland in West Menai and Bundeena, and loss of the few remaining sandhills and migratory bird habitats at Towra Point and Kurnell.

Everyone has an opinion about it.

We’re doing something about it.

Save Our Shire is working towards better planning regulations for our Shire.

Despite strong opposition from the community, Council adopted an LEP which permits high-rise across our Shire and encourages density that is not consistent with the aspirations of most Shire residents.

Increases in the permissible FSR (floor space ratio) and decreases in landscaping requirements mean that Sutherland Shire is fast losing the open space and tree cover that made it the envy of Sydney.

SOS continues to look for ways to stop this erosion of our quality of life.

If you’d like to get involved with this project, please contact:

Convenors: Neil de Nett, Jenni Gormley, Mark da Silva

Facebook: @Save.Our.Shire; @SpringGullyProtectionGroup

Email: office@ssec.org.au

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