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Want a cleaner, healthier Shire?

So does the team at SO SHIRE.  SO SHIRE – Sustainable Organisations of the Sutherland Shire – is working to protect our natural environment, including the beautiful waterways that surround our Shire.

The overall aim is to protect and enhance the natural environment by educating the public, mobilising volunteers, advising and promoting environmentally sustainable businesses within the Sutherland Shire.​  

Shire Shred

SO SHIRE is working to build a sustainable community that doesn’t cost the Earth, supporting the local economy – and protecting the ocean and environment.

Their first main focus is Plastic Free Sutherland Shire, a project focusing on stopping the source of single use plastic packaging. This involves advising and working with local groups, schools, consumers and businesses to turn the tide on single use plastic and reduce waste,  to protect the ocean, local environment, human health, economy and shire lifestyle. 

The team is working with local businesses to reduce single-use plastic packaging and landfill waste  (coffee cups, cutlery, straws, plastic bags, take-away containers) to minimise its impact on the environment.  Investing in sustainable alternatives limits local plastic pollution and landfill waste, and saves businesses money in the long term.


SO SHIRE  also conduct regular private and public beach clean-ups, in which they collect and document the large quantities of plastic rubbish that pollute our beaches and waterways. They host film screenings, sustainability supplier forums and presentations that also include school visits and excursions/incursions. They audit, consult and advise sustainable practices for businesses – putting them in contact with preferably local suppliers and services. 

To find out about their sustainable business certification program, sustainability forum and to keep update to date with everything happening at SO SHIRE contact Sarah-Jo Lobwein: Facebook @SOSShire and website SO Shire:

Plastic Free Sutherland Shire

Plastic Free Sutherland Shire is the plastic waste reduction campaign by SO SHIRE working with local schools, businesses, suppliers and the community to eliminate or reduce the common single use plastics – especially those that are sources of local litter and marine debris. 

​They are:

  • plastic straws
  • plastic shopping bags
  • plastic cutlery
  • plastic cups, including take away coffee cups
  • plastic take away containers
  • Single use PET bottles (especially water)

Project organisers and sponsors will provide as much support as possible to make the transition to plastic-free practices as easy and cost-effective as possible.

The Plastic Free Sutherland Shire project is also supported by a Sustainability Award, sponsored by Sutherland Shire Environment Centre in the Local Business Awards.

For more information please contact Sarah-Jo Lobwein at

Facebook @SOSShire and SO Shire:

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