Download and sign the petition to the Legislative Assembly of NSW – please stop mining under Woronora Dam

In-principle approval for at least 10 longwall mines which are expected to pass below Woronora Reservoir has been granted.

Rob Stokes, the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, is currently considering whether to grant final approval for several of these to go ahead.

Whatever your political leanings or position on coal we believe this is a matter that goes beyond politics. Our water supply is simply too important to compromise.

Petitions in hard copy paper format can be presented for debate in the NSW Parliament — if they contain 10,000 signatures. Maintaining the integrity of our water supply is important – and should be given public consideration.

Please help us trigger this debate – and let other people know what is proposed. The mining under Woronora will go ahead if people do nothing to prevent it.

Download our Stop Mining Under Woronora Dam petition, print it out, read the instructions, and ask family and friends to sign.

Once completed, mail the petition to: 

Sutherland Environment Centre  

PO BOX 589,  Sutherland 1499,  NSW,  Australia


Eastern Tributary (SMH)
Eastern Tributary 2019 Woronora Catchment

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