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Squatters and Campers

Field Studies Centre

The NSW Department of Education and TAFE established Botany Bay Field Studies Centre as a regional advisory centre for the promotion of environmental education. Visiting pupils learn to understand interrelationships and interaction in the total environment. Teachers participate with their classes in planning environmental programs and field trips to wetland, woodland and heath communities. Both teachers and students acquire an understanding and awareness of the functioning of natural ecosystems typical of the area.

Within walking distance of the Field Study Centre are several tracks that highlight plant species collected by Banks and Solander in 1770 and others that pass historical monuments. The Centre's location lends itself to offering programs centred on Aboriginal and early European history and studies of seashore, wetland, heath and woodland environments. The Centre's studies include Towra Point Nature Reserve, Cronulla Beach and environs explaining beach nourishment, stabilisation and sea wall features, and the freshwater wetlands between the duneswhere students can study a sand dune stabilisation project which has halted 100 years of degradation and human impact on the natural environment. Facilities include classroom, audio-visual presentations, exhibitions, a reference library, video camera, and art and craft equipment.
Boardwalk amongst the mangroves behind the Shark's Leagues Club is used by the Field Studies Centre. This was the approximate site of Connell's logging canal into Woolooware Bay.
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