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Unique Towra Point


Many owners have held Towra Point since John Connell first purchased it in 1835. After the two John Connells came John Connell Laycock followed by Thomas Holt. Until the early 1960s Towra Point was home to a small number of oyster farmers and their families. Over later years it has been held in part by various firms including the Holt group of companies, L. J. Hooker, T. E. Breen (Consolidated Developments), Wendifyl Estates, Besmaw, Towra Point Developments, and Towra Construction
Looking through the littoral rainforest towards Botany Bay. Erosion on Towra Beach. 1999. The rainforest used to extend a further 50 metres into the Bay from the present shoreline.
Towra Beach 1999, looking towards Port Botany and the city of Sydney.
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