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The Village Community

Kurnell Sport and Recreation Clubs

Kurnell, a village with its own identity and sense of guardianship, has had many active community groups and organisations associated with it:

Botany Bay Field Studies Centre & The Discovery Centre

Both are housed in a complex in Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell, under the administration of the of National Parks and Wildlife Service which works closely with the Kurnell community.

Coast and Wetland Society

Formerly the Littoral Society, it has identified at Kurnell some of the few freshwater habitats in the Sydney region available to several bird species, especially migratory species, and is fighting to protect and manage them as a freshwater wetland complex.

Cronulla Dunes and Wetland Alliance

Fights for the preservation of the unique and delicate ecosystems of Kurnell Peninsula.

Dune Care

The State has, through municipal councils, an organisation known as Bush Care. The Kurnell branch of this is widely known as Dune Care and holds fortnightly working parties.

Early Childhood Centre

Provides a good start for pre-schoolers.

Friends of Towra

Works to clear the weeds from Towra Reserve and safeguard its shoreline and wetlands.

Kurnell Catamaran Club

For leisure and pleasure on Botany Bay.

Kurnell Community Sports and Recreation Club

Provides an organised and constructive outlet for the energies of young people.

Kurnell Musical Society

For the melodious edification of all.

Kurnell Pensioner Club

An active group of senior citizens with a pride in their village.

Kurnell Progress and Precinct Committee

Dedicated to the advancement, recognition and protection of Kurnell Peninsula.

Kurnell Pre-School Kindergarten

Built with a generous donation from Calsil Bricks.

Kurnell Public School

Built in 1923.

Kurnell Regional Environment Planning Council (KREPC)

Formed in 1998 by representatives of ten groups and working with them to achieve rehabilitation of the peninsula.

Kurnell Residents Against Cogeneration Establishment (RACE)

Formed to resist location of a large energy plant within the boundaries of the Caltex Refinery.

Kurnell Tourism Committee

Working to achieve a great tourist future for "The Birthplace of Australia".

Mothers Unite in Care for Kurnell (M.U.C.K.)

A dedicated action group which has fought many environmental battles for Kurnell; for example, against unwanted industry on the peninsula.

Music Museum

Bob McDonald rebuilds and restores musical instruments.

North Cronulla Precinct Committee

One of Sutherland Shire's most active precinct committees; it bridges the interests of Cronulla and those of Kurnell Peninsula .

Potter Point Upgrade Committee

Striving for rehabilitation of this once beautiful area, ravaged in recent decades by sewerage activities.

Shepherd Academy of Dance

For the constructive graceful expenditure of energy.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre

Through concern with the whole Shire, the Centre is involved at many points with the peninsula's rehabilitation and is a member of KREPC (above).
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