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The Village Grows Up

Places of Worship


Mr Honnor built the brick and concrete Harold Wheen Memorial Methodist Church using cement bricks he had made himself. Rev Harold Wheen laid the foundation stone on Australia Day 1927. The President of the Methodist Conference, Rev. F. J. Hynes, opened it on 21st May 1927 and Rev. J. G. Wheen gave the address. The church had a seating capacity of 80, but by the 1980s there were rarely more than 25-30 attending worship. It was put up for auction on 15 th February 1986 and is now a private home.


The foundation stone was laid in January 1927 and the church was officially opened in April of that year. Thirty years later there was a need for a larger building to house the congregation; so the old Anglican Church building from Cronulla was moved to Kurnell in the early 1950s. In 1960 St James Church of England built a new church and hall.

Roman Catholic

The foundation stone was laid on 14 th November 1937; the St John Fisher Roman Catholic Church was officially opened and blessed by Cardinal Gilroy in March 1938. The priest crossed the bay by ferry on a Saturday night for the occasion, sleeping in the church so that he would be ready for Sunday's early morning Mass. Kurnell is now part of the Cronulla parish.


In September 1960 the Baptists of Kurnell began to hold their services in Marton Hall. They built their own church in 1966.
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