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Aircraft Noise

The Kurnell Peninsula is located under the flightpath for the main north-south runways at Sydney airport. Kurnell is therefore one of the worst affected suburbs in Sydney when it comes to aircraft noise.

Sydney airport flightpaths over Kurnell
Source: Sydney Airport Operational Statistics
The percentage of total aircraft movements from Sydney airport which occur over Kurnell has remained fairly static at about 50-53% in the last five years. During September 2000 this represented over 300 jet aircraft movements per day. You can find more details about aircraft movements from Sydney airport from the Airservices Australia website.

Apart from the aircraft noise, the level of airborne pollutants that enter the ecosystems of Botany Bay from aircraft is of concern given the sensitive nature of those ecosystems.

Kurnell Airport Proposal

During the final weeks of 2000, the Federal Government gave brief consideration to an extension of Sydney airport in the form of an additional runway on the Kurnell Peninsula. This was met with anger and disbelief by local residents, Sutherland Shire Council, local politicians and environment groups. However after discussions by the Federal Cabinet, the idea was ruled-out in favour of other options.

But an airport at Kurnell is not a new idea. In the past, Kurnell has been considered as a site for a possible airport on a number of occasions. Click here for more details.
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