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Continental Carbon

Photo: Daphne Salt
The Continental Carbon company moved to the Kurnell Peninsula in 1966 shortly after the opening of the Oil Refinery. Using by-product from the refinery, the Plant produces carbon black which is then used as a reinforcement agent in tyres.

Reports in 2000 indicated that emissions from the plant had been settling on the nearby regionally significant vegetation of Botany Bay National Park causing blackening. Indeed many visitors to the Park have reported this problem to the EPA. The plant also discharges effluent via stormwater channels into Quibray Bay. It is licenced by the EPA.

In an effort to improve its environmental performance, Continental Carbon in mid 2000 announced its intention to spend up to $160,000 on investigating the sources of air emissions, setting up monitoring devices, and developing a water management plan to minimise pollutants discharged into Quibray Bay.
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