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Landscape Masterplan

In 2000/01, Sutherland Shire Council, via their Kurnell Tourism Strategy Working Party, began pursuing the formulation of a Kurnell Landscape Masterplan which is in fact a "Master Plan" for the beautification of parks predominantly in the Kurnell village.

There are a number of aspects to the Masterplan including establishing a landscape theme for Kurnell.

Specific parts of the proposal include the establishment of a Marton Park Heritage Walk centred on the freshwater wetlands (below).

Photo: Daphne Salt
A study of these wetlands will be undertaken as part of this process.

The shape of the Heritage Walk track is designed to be in the form of a 'whale' which is the Aboriginal totem of the Dharawal people and will be designed to attract the attention of overflying airline passengers. The theme of the track will be Australia's history, through Aboriginal history and culture, Captain Cook, and European settlement to Kurnell's modern history. Each rest area will also reflect a different aspect of Kurnell including its natural and cultural heritage.

The cost of the project is estimated to be about $70,000. Council committed $50,000 toward construction of the track in the November review of the 2000/01 Budget. The Kurnell Progress & Precinct Committee was also been successful in attracting funding from the NSW Centenary of Federation Committee which was put towards the establishment of an Aboriginal 'Bush Tucker' Garden which was incorporated into the Heritage Walk as one of the rest areas...

A concept plan for Silver Beach/Bonna Point is also a component as was the proposal for the new 'John Weir' Reserve and works in Charlotte Breen Reserve.
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