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Sutherland Shire Tourism Association in mid 2000 launched a Kurnell Tourism Media Kit which included a number of information sheets and a photographic CD-ROM about the Kurnell Peninsula including information about national parks, itineraries, water sports, festivals, recreation, history and services. It is distributed along with a brochure on the Peninsula to major visitors centres in the city. The project was supported by Tourism NSW.

Each year the Association in conjunction with Kurnell Progress and Precinct Residents Association hold the Annual 'Festival of the Sails' which is conducted in April in celebration of Captain Cook's landing on the 29th April 1770. Many thousands of people attend the festival which provides a showcase of all the positive things about Kurnell. Activities include concerts, indigenous performances, dancing, kids entertainment, displays and exhibitions. Feature of the 2000 Festival was the launch of the book Kurnell - Birthplace of Modern Australia, A Pictorial History, by local historian Daphne Salt.

Sutherland Shire Council are also working on improving the tourist visit to the Peninsula through their Kurnell Tourism Working Party. Council have allocated $11,600 for the formulation of the Kurnell Peninsula Tourism Strategy which is being overseen by the Sutherland Shire Tourism Association. Activities in the project will include awareness raising, facilitating Indigenous Tourism activities, developing a marketing campaign, and facilitating community based tourism activities.

Ecotourism companies such as Keane's Bush Tours conduct guided tours of the Peninsula on a regular basis. Click here for more details.
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