Show Your Enthusiasm to Get this Path Started

Take a couple of minutes to show enthusiasm for Stage 1 of the Sutherland
to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) by going to the interactive
online map <> and
adding in a supportive comment or two for the project before 5 pm on
November 4. Note, suggestions for improving the path are also fine, though
we need to be realistic that a retrofitted path will inevitably lead to
some trees being removed and certain features being less than perfect.

The good news is that it could be started as early as January 2019 for the
Sutherland to Kirrawee section and completed within a year. The project
manager, Tom Grosskopf is impressively experienced and passionate (he
cycles to work from Woolooware to the CBD) about getting the path and
routing right. He is addressing aesthetic details and environmental
sustainability. After speaking with him for about two hours, I honestly
don’t think we could have a better leader or team in charge!

However, it is critical for the number of people that want this path to
outnumber the naysayers that don’t like bikes, are worried about loss of
parking (4 spots overall) or are just resistant to change. If for example,
a large number of shop-keepers make submissions arguing that their
businesses will be negatively impacted by SCATL, despite studies showing
that cycling infrastructure increases patronage, the State Government could
pull out of building it.

So, what everyone needs to do is to go to the interactive online map
<> and put some
tags with positive feedback before the display period closes at 5 pm on
November 4.

An alternative to express support for the project is to send an email to:

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